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Posted by Tom on 2010/6/2 15:27:10 (2430 reads)

Whilst I'm sure Simon aka Wishcraft a developer of XOOPS means no harm he recently published an E-mail which I had sent him in private, within these mails there is nothing which I haven't and wouldn't say publicly however because of the nature of these e-mails I feel its probably appropriate I also disclose them here.

One thing I would like to make clear though is that these e-mails were sent from me personally and not from ImpressCMS, Currently I hold no "Official" position in ImpressCMS due to handling matters within my personal life and as such took a leave of absence. However I do of course keep my eye on the project from time to time to keep up with current affairs.

It's important I make this distinction clear, that the mail was sent from me personally and not ImpressCMS.

I note from Simons post on XOOPS he has chosen not to publish his own e-mail response nor my follow up and because my follow up references his response I have decided not to post that content at this time as it really is for Simon to decide whether he wants his personal e-mails made public or not.

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Posted by Tom on 2010/5/22 20:58:41 (83719 reads)

Whilst its come as no surprise, its still another nail in that proverbial coffin for XOOPS, even more sad news which can only be accredited to the "new" management and their dictatorship style. Current XOOPS developers are angry at the current dictator style being used to manage a once great open source project.

After forcing out the previous management, then censoring posts and articles to suit their own agenda whilst damaging others credibility on the internet, they have managed to keep the appearance that XOOPS is thriving and alive with a strong development path.

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Posted by Tom on 2010/5/8 17:10:54 (3123 reads)

On april 21st 2010 the Court of Zwolle-Lelystad in The Nether­lands ruled in the civil law­suit that US-based Xoops Foun­da­tion LLC started against Sticht­ing XOOPS (Dutch for XOOPS Foun­da­tion) and Herko Coomans, chair­man of Sticht­ing XOOPS and for­merly an active vol­un­teer in the inter­na­tional XOOPS com­mu­nity and the web­site. In its rul­ing, the Court dis­missed all claims of ille­gal activ­ity of Sticht­ing XOOPS and Herko Coomans as unproven by Xoops Foun­da­tion LLC, and sen­tenced Xoops Foun­da­tion LLC to pay due dam­ages to Herko Coomans and Sticht­ing XOOPS.

Original post:

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Posted by Tom on 2010/4/26 19:54:45 (67301 reads)

Well XOOPS has most certainly had a rough ride over the years but never in its history has its users been lied to so much as it has since the departure of some key players just a few years ago.

They persecuted someone who's intentions were to raise the profile of XOOPS to give it a better foundation and promote the project which he did successfully.

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Posted by Tom on 2008/12/10 9:53:48 (3483 reads)

There are some planned changes for Bassman Themes although they may not be so instant but will happen gradually.

Eventually IMBlogging will be installed with the sole purpose of getting valuable information out there and blogging about design, templates, themes, skins what ever you want to call them and what ever they mean to each CMS, we'll also blog about websites, modules and a few other things.

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Our Founder started life in 2004 when Bassman decided to begin creating XOOPS themes (and modules)as a way of putting back in to the XOOPS community that has been so helpful to him since he started his first XOOPS-based website a few years before. After 3 years of creating themes and porting designs from other sources, he has stepped down from to spend more free time with his family.

I'm sure we can all agree he's been a great asset to XOOPS and will sadly be missed, although I'm sure he will be popping in from time to time.

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